The science sessions of the workshop will take place from Tuesday morning to Friday noon (13:00).

Improving our knowledge on origin and evolution of “active” small bodies from different dynamical groups is aimed at better understanding of the past of the Solar System. Comparative study of objects with comet-like activity in wide range of heliocentric distances should help to answer, in particular, two questions: What is an interrelation between physical properties of a small body and the place of its origin in the Solar-system?; What is the role of comets in the formation of life on Earth?

On the other hand, the discovery of a new class of objects – Main Belt Comets or active asteroids (objects in the Main Belt of asteroids exhibiting a clear cometary activity) provided further evidence that asteroids and comets are rather one than two separated classes.

The study of small bodies with comet-like activity will help to estimate the primordial distribution of volatiles in the protoplanetary disk and to better understand the formation mechanisms of the Solar system.